Copywriting and communications - refreshingly clear advice for small business

A freelance copywriter can give you material for your website, leaflets, brochures and newsletters which presents your business in its best possible light.  And if that wasn't enough we can also:

  • Bring a fresh perspective to your business.   As an outsider we can see the big picture of your customers' needs.  That's much harder to do if you're busy with the day to day details of actually running the business. 

  • Represent the needs of your customers. We may not know all the technical details of your business as well as you do, but then neither do your customers.  When we write about your business we do it in jargon-free language that's clear to us - and to them.

  • Refresh material that you've been using for years. Your website or sales material might just be looking a bit tired, or might not have kept up with a rapidly changing market.  A good freelance can re-write old copy completely, or just edit it to make it sharper and more effective. 

  • Give your business material a polish that enhances your professionalism.  Keeping a consistent tone of voice, style and vocabulary in the material you use will show that you're a credible company to do business with.  

  • Free you up to spend your time more productively.  If you don't enjoy writing - or just don't have the time to do it properly - it can feel like a real chore.  A freelance writer can take the burden away from you and let you get on with what you're good at: running your business. 

  • Provide flexible support on projects when you need it.